A Code

I, the writer, hereby writing to remind myself that it is okay:

To try, as nothing is more regretful than losing by not trying.

To risk, as long as you calculate the risk (and prepared for any outcome).

To fail, as long as you get yourself back up.

To succeed and triumph, as long as you are not drowning in it.

To disappoint someone, as long as you make up for it later (if he/she’s worth it).

To be misunderstood, as long as you stay true to yourself.

To be disappointed, as long as you forgive.

To be hated, as long as you stay being good and right.

To hate, the deeds, not the man. The act, not the actor.

To tell the truth, even though it leaves you shattered.

To tell the truth, as long as you being thoughtful on delivering it.

To withhold the truth, from those who are not ready.

To like or love, anything or anyone, as long as you are not obsessed with it.

To enjoy the time, as long as you don’t mistake enjoyment as happiness (and keep pursuing happiness).

To be slow, as long as you stay in the right direction.

To be lost, as long as you keep finding the right path.

To ask for favours, only to the right persons.

To want to kill yourself, figuratively speaking, and born as a new, better man.

To die, honourably, for the right reasons.

It is in my knowledge that being human is to err, thus forgive myself for bot the mistakes I have made and the ones yet to be made. I forgive my self for the moment I forget the code, yet I will stay true to it with my utmost effort. For this, I solemnly swear.

*an excerpt from my old, almost forgotten notes, with minor changes.



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