an essay for YLI bandung application

we all know a saying ‘experience is the best teacher’, and a wise man once said ‘everyone and everything around you is a good teacher’. true, we can learn how to do good things from good people, and what not to do from bad examples. however, the real question about learning is “do you really want to learn?”.

basically, all my leadership experiences is narrowed to that one question. I have read various leadership books and have seen numerous good leaders around me, it is not an understatement to say I am not a good leader, yet. at least not up to my own standards. however, as Richard Branson said ‘you do not learn how to walk by following rules, you learned by doing, and by falling over’.

to be a leader, ones must know the way, show the way, and lead the way. the first two was much more easier than the last one. during my times as a student, I try to live these sayings, and I have been entrusted with various position as head of division, manager, leader, mentor, or even a simple staff doing menial jobs. most of it have been ugly, especially the earlier ones.

my first experiences was as head of publication of a talkshow about woman and entrepreneurship, called womanpreneur, where we invite Mrs. Tri Mumpuni and other successful and famous woman-entrepreneurs as speakers. with all these great speakers, I, being an unexperienced leader and marketer, was unable to manage things smoothly and failed to reach the target of participants’ numbers.

later on, I was becoming the head of consumption division of International Muslim Students Summit 2012, where we, 20 committees of consumption division, needed to managed meals for 1800 participants and committees three times a day for three days. long story short, it was hell. though it was also fun and unforgettable at the same times.

having worked in some others committees and organizations numerous times. I learned the how to little by little. how to motivate people, how to understand and work with various type of people, how to be demanded without the opposite sides feeling pressured, how to be refused while still being polite, how to lead and to be lead. the most important things is how to keep calm in panic situation and enjoy all the little things.

starting from last May, I lead a team to organize Youth Leadership Program ITB 2014 while doing my final projects at the same time. while still far from perfect, I can proudly stay this was the most successful event I have lead or contributed in my time studying in ITB. the more experience I get, the better I become yet the less I known about the art of leading, thus lead me to register Young Leader Indonesia.


this essay was made on Friday 12th, within less than an hour for YLI Bandung application. wish me luck and may the better thing will be the result.


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