a bit of leadership characteristic for ESTP

ESTPs are masters of improvising.
Whether performing analysis on the fly, or talking a room full of strangers into taking one strategic direction versus another, our thoughts, words, and actions are seamless and integrated.

When it comes to leadership, ESTPs will quickly amass resources, specialize them, motivate them, and then take charge alongside them to accomplish the objective(s) at hand.
We are fine with authority, but when there is a power vacuum we will fill it.
Hell, if things are just going along half-assed we are prone to re-direct things to a more perfect and efficient order.

If you tell an ESTP that they are in charge of something, don’t try to micromanage them.
Give them the reigns, make your expectations known, and they will be met.
One thing we do not like at all is to have to explain every little thing that we are doing to someone that is less than qualified to evaluate our strategy.
Because it slows us down, and when things slow down then the odds random chance will fuck up the best of plans increases.

Finally, outside of leadership I will address our management style.
We are situational managers.
We are glad to delegate when we are certain that our report understands the objective, our expectations, and has the capability to do what is being asked.
If we need to, we will micro-manage personnel who are not able to keep pace with the project flow, but we don’t like to do that, as it is a bother, but is sometimes necessary.
Basically, when things are going well, you will see less of us.
When things are not going as well as we like, you will see more of us.
We will commit our time accordingly to ensure our objective is attained, and if our staff is smart enough and energetic enough to make that happen with little of our time, we are OK with that, and will laud our team, and reward them commensuirate with their efforts.

We are fiercely loyal, and demand the same loyalty from others.
We are resourceful beyond imagination, and able to scale things up or down as needed on the fly.
We will hold our ground no matter what disasters present themselves, because at the edge of the whirlpool most call disaster, we see opportunity, and we are at peace gazing into it, and deciding how to wield it for accomplishing our purposes.


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