Note to Myself

It doesn’t matter what you wanna be, but decide it fast.

Be kind, and give your best to become the best of yours.

Give your best every single day, every single time.

All your effort you gave and all the hardship you overcome won’t bring you much though.

It never guarantees you glory nor rich.

It doesn’t even guarantees happiness, for happiness comes from your state of mind, not what you had achieved

It only guarantees you one thing;

There won’t be a day when you old and wrinkle,

when wake up in the middle of the night,

looking yourself on the mirror then asking yourself:

“Have I give my best?”

“Why didn’t I do it?”

“What if?”

“If only I…”

Your life might not be a happy nor an enjoyable one.

but you live your life without regret,

then you can die happily


31st October, 18th day after my 20th birthday


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