DISC test

gara-gara baca blog si abang, jadi pingin juga coba-coba disc test. jadi sya test di http://personalitystyle.com/ . daan… inilah hasilnya. eng ing eng….!

fatah is motivated by his ability to lead groups and influence others around him. He is someone who takes the responsibility of leadership seriously when it is given to him, and is typically able to make important decisions without delay. He exudes confidence and others respond to fatah’s natural ability to be a front runner.

Neat and orderly, others usually see fatah as practical. He needs adequate information to make decisions, and he will consider the pros and cons. He may be sensitive to criticism, and will tend to internalize his emotions. fatah likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects, and he will follow a logical process to gain successful results.

A thoughtful, caring person who likes to be around others, fatah is one who appreciates relationships. He enjoys being involved in social functions, but does not usually care to be the center of attention. fatah seeks balance between personal and social time, and enjoys a quiet evening with a few close friends as a good mix of the two.

Others see fatah as a versatile person whom they rely upon to break up monotonous or routine situations. He tends to be individualistic, and may sometimes prefer to do things outside of the team. fatah may even be perceived as “restless”, since he tends to move quickly from one thing to the next.

kayaknya sih ada betol tapi ga terlalu pas juga. ada yang mau tolong nilai saya dengan tes yang sama??

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